Vol. 9



Dress to Impress

When it comes to personal style, the current landscape of menswear is one that's both freeing and empowering. From ruggedly relaxed and classically dapper to performance-influenced athleisure and streamlined minimalism, there's no one way to look good these days. What's more, you don't have to spend a fortune on your clothing—just make sure you look and feel good in what you wear. Looking good doesn't cost as much as you think. It's simply about sweating the details and putting in the effort. We reached out to one of the smartest dressers we know to get his point of view about rising to the sartorial occasion. David Coggins is a well-suited, worldly raconteur and author of "Men and Style: Essays, Interviews and Considerations." We asked him if dressing well makes you a better man. Here's what he had to say.

David Coggins

(Photo: Kat Irlin)

I don't think men have to be overly formal, but they should be comfortable dressing up. There are occasions, whether you like it or not, where you communicate a sense of celebration or even gravity by what you wear. A good sport coat and a sense of ease goes a long way.

Just because you don't wear a suit a lot doesn't mean you shouldn't have a good suit. Chances are if you're called upon to wear one it's an important event—whether it's your nephew's bar mitzvah or your accountant's trial. Who are you cheating when you're the most casual dressed man in the room? Certainly not your date.

So be the man who rises to the occasion and sets the standard and makes others recognize that you're the man of the hour."

Volume 9   //   2017

When we started our 31 Days series, way back in 2009, it was an idea that began out of the natural tendency to see the new year as a restart of sorts. Each day, we put up a short tip or trick to help readers get a fresh start to the new year and step up their game. Then we did it again the next year and it's grown every year since, proving to be one of Valet.'s most popular series ever. This year, nearly a decade in, we've shifted the focus just a touch—narrowing in on skills and attributes we believe make you a better man. Little things that have a big, lasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you. Everyday this month, we'll introduce a topic or idea aimed at helping you look your best, feel great and be the civilized 21st century gentleman we all strive to be. Best of luck in 2017 and thanks for reading.

  • 1
    Never Say
    This Again
  • 2
    Spend Less Time
    on Your Phone
  • 3
    Dress to
  • 4
    Take Better
  • 5
    Why You Should
    Read More
  • 6
    Make a
    Proper Omelet
  • 7
    Keep a
  • 8
    Save for
    Your Future
  • 9
    Your Mind
  • 10
    Raise Your
    Best Friend
  • 11
    Be a
    Master Charmer
  • 12
    Secure Your
    Online Identity
  • 13
    Listen to
    Your Old Man
  • 14
    The To-Do List
    Game Plan
  • 15
    Make the
    Perfect Steak
  • 16
  • 17
    Know Your
    Health Numbers
  • 18
    Get Out
    of Debt
  • 19
    Wear Something
    With History
  • 20
    Embrace Your
  • 21
    Boost Your
  • 22
    Drop Weight
    (The Right Way)
  • 23
    Be a Master
    Home Bartender
  • 24
    Take a
    Solo Trip
  • 25
  • 26
  • 27
    Tell a
  • 28
  • 29
    Take Care of
    Your Clothes
  • 30
    Your Place
  • 31
    Your Fears