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Shake Motion Sickness

According to the Navy's official manual, all motion sickness results from a discrepancy between what your body sees and what it feels. It has a lot to do with the inner ear, but we don't need to get too complicated. The conflict between your sight and balance triggers the production of a neurotransmitter, often mistaken by your body as a signal of hallucinogenic poisoning, so your body tries to rid itself of whatever is causing the disorienting condition. This leads to nausea and general discomfort. But you're in luck, here's what to do if you're ...

On a Plane

JD Ferguson, a fashion photographer and model who logs plenty of frequent flyer miles jetting to far flung locales offers this: "If you encounter turbulence in the air, focus your gaze on the wing of the plane. It'll begin to feel as if there's no turbulence at all. Seriously. There's something about being able to see the bumpiness that allows your body to anticipate the movement, as opposed to being at the mercy of, what feels like, a 500 ton metal aircraft spiraling out of control. I'm telling you, it works."

  • Feeling nauseous? Try acupressure.
    Apply gentle pressure by pressing down with your thumb between the two tendons about an inch back from your wrist joint.
On a Boat

Go onto the deck and look at a distant, stable object, like the horizon. The center of the ship, close to the waterline, is likely the boat's most stable surface. Try munching on some salty snacks to help dry up your stomach. Still green? Get involved with the sailing or listen to music.

In a Car

Sit in the front of the car. This helps by allowing you to focus on the road ahead. Roll down the window for fresh air and breathe slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and try to sleep. If your eyes are closed, you don't see anything, which removes the cause of the motion sickness.



Ginger has long been recommended as a natural remedy to the motion sickness. Ginger capsules, about $10 at Drugstore.comicon.