{01.05.12} Trends

Having a Moment

Sunny Sweats

When it comes to off-duty style, a simple heather grey crewneck sweatshirt is a timeless piece every man should own (and it seems like lately, everyone does). Why not try one of these? There's been a recent influx of brighter options which have been washed and sandblasted for softness. The resulting effect makes for a more subtle, sun-faded style. Instead of being obnoxiously bold, they have a relaxed, worn-in vibe. Think Nantucket Reds meets 1970s California. Which means they look great paired with jeans, chinos or army green cargo pants, and layered over a blue button down or under a puffer vest and pea coat. Consider it weekend wear that will separate you from the pack.

ASOS, $43



Jack Spade, $145 (available soon
at Park & Bond)

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $130