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A Quick & Easy Cover

While out doing some holiday shopping a few weeks ago, we happened into a Lucky Brand shop that was practically giving away its stock during a huge sale to make way for spring merchandise. One of the new items, not on sale but still downright affordable, struck our eyes. A simple, but modern take on a classic trench coat. Cut from 100% cotton twill that's been washed for a soft, rumpled feel, the 3/4-length mac style jacket seems to get all the details right. Sure, it's not a real Mackintosh or a true gentleman's trench, but it looks and feels much more expensive than it is—easily passing for some obscure Japanese label. And while it may be a bit breezy to wear solo right now, layer it over a jean jacket or puffer vest now and then enjoy it all spring.

$149, at Lucky Brand

  • Lucky Brand was founded in Vernon, California in 1990.



Quick &
Easy Cover

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