{01.12.09} Food & Drink

Make It



Pour packet into cup and add 5 oz. of hot water.


Whisk with a bamboo chasen (back and forth like an "M") until frothy.




Take a drink to create some room in your bottle and empty packet.


Replace cap and shake until frothy and opaque emerald in color.

Green Living

Green tea's good for you. This much we know. And though the best and most nutritional form has been around for more than 800 years, it's largely been ignored by mainstream leaf-lovers. Matcha is a carefully stone-ground, powdered tea made in limited quantities from shade-grown tea plants in Japan. While regular tea is steeped in water and discarded shortly thereafter, matcha allows for the consumption of the entire leaf because the pulverized powder is whisked into hot water. Frothy and slightly sweet,

researchers claim the nutritional value of matcha to be ten times greater than its bagged or loose-leaf counterparts—all the more reason to start your new years health kick.
- Alex Miller

Rishi "on-the-go" tea packets,
$20 at Whole Foods.

(Illustrations: Rishi Tea)