Located on the busy thoroughfare that is West Third Street in Los Angeles, Ryan Conder's South Willard enters its sixth year in business as a one-stop-shop for men looking for the best and brightest from brands both in-demand and just off the beaten path. From a co-branded line of Quoddys to a favorite old school British cologne, each item that ends up on a shelf didn't get there by accident. We recently caught up with the man himself before he headed out the door for Paris on a weekend buying trip for next season. Which got us wondering, what does a guy like Conder pack? It turns out, simple basics from his new spring collection. - Will Widger


Altadena Works 802 rucksack, $275 - "I always carry this backpack because it meets the carry-on requirements and I hate checking in bags."


Crescent Down Works down jacket, $355 - "The 60/40 is somewhat waterproof; in the 70s it was the waterproof fabric. I go surfing all the time and if you get surf wax on it or anything, it comes right off it."


Quoddy & South Willard brick sole suede chukkas, $275 - "They're lined in glove leather, so they'll keep my feet warm."


4 Button-downs by South Willard, $165 - "These are my favorite and with the down jacket it's all you need."


2 Pocket T-Shirts by South Willard, $48


14oz Japanese denim jeans, $238




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With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee nowadays, if you can get away with flying with just a carry-on, do it.

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