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A Hi-Def Smile

The Promise

We're not sure where the 3D comes in, but Crest 3D White Vivid does make three big promises: brilliantly white teeth, stronger enamel and 80% of surface stains wiped away in as little as two weeks.

The Trial

When a popular (and gorgeous) television actress told us she swore by it, we figured the 3D mumbo-jumbo was worth a shot. It's not as minty as other pastes, but you clearly feel the grainy "dual silica" gel polishing the teeth. Afterwards, they feel really slick.

The Results

We don't want to use the word sparkle, but after two weeks of buffing teeth twice a day, there's definitely a revived sheen to one's grill. Teeth are actually shades whiter. And unlike other whiteners we've tried, there is no gum or tooth sensitivity. Plain and simple, the stuff works and costs no more than regular toothpaste.

$4 at Drugstore.com

  • One of the first whitening toothpastes, Email Diamant, debuted in 1893 and is still available today.