You succeeded!
Did you ever doubt yourself?

To be frank, not a day passed where I was bummed I was donning a tie. One of the constant annoyances I got from a few people though, was, "Why are you special? I have to wear a tie regardless..." Good for you, man. I don't. I choose to.

And then a lot of guys began submitting their own photos?

That was truly amazing. At first, I had a few regulars submitting pictures. As time went on, I had more and more creative ones. I think the best thing about this project, too, has been the fact that I've made a great number of new friends.

Biggest lesson learned from the experience?

Be unabashed. Own yourself. I was timid setting up my camera for self-timed shots each morning. But eventually, I realized, "What the hell do I care what people say?" The same rings true with actually putting your face on a site. Anonymity is for the birds. It's easy to be that guy leaving negative comments, but it takes guts to put yourself out there.

Stick Your Neck Out

When Will Price got a job at a Boulder, Colorado-based startup with a lax dress code, he didn't feel a need to dress to impress his shorts-wearing coworkers. "But I quickly realized, I love dressing up," he says. "I love my ties, I like looking good." So he embarked on a mission—100 straight days of wearing a tie to work and documenting it on his blog The Momentum of Failure. Today, on day 100, we check in with Mr. Price.