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Cover Your Head

Blame it on Pharrell, but we've been thinking about hats lately. Which is a good thing. Because while you don't technically lose the majority of your body's heat through your head, going outside without something covering your cranium this time of year isn't exactly smart. Thankfully, there are countless styles of hats on the market for men these days—from modern updates on classic fedoras and baseball caps to knit stocking caps in all sorts of shapes. They might dent your 'do, but hat hair and winter go hand in hand, right?

Heavy Duty


When the winds are too strong and too cold for even the heartiest woven wool, go with some sturdy fur-lined headwear.

Woolrich, $63

Ball Cap


The iconic six-panel brimmed cap transcends styles, but you can take it to the next level with one cut from flannel.

JCP, $24

Driving Cap


A smart tweed style provides versatility for any outfit you're going to wear; be it a jacket with blue jeans or a full suit.

Stetson, $140



A jaunty classic with throwback appeal, look for an updated version like this minimalistic melton wool style.

Aimé Leon Dore, $80



Knit from thick and naturally water-resistant wool, the watch cap is as much about function as it is about style.

Ski Tops, $7



Not a hat guy? No problem. You can still take cover by pulling up the hood on a slimmed down sweatshirt.

John Elliott + Co., $148



Cover Your Head








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