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Jack Spade,

    When this color, taken from the usual shade of sailors' uniforms, first came into use in the early 19th century, it was called marine blue, but the name was soon changed to navy blue.
Having a Moment

In the Navy

What do you do if want to set yourself apart from the veritable sea of light blue shirts? You go dark. Call it what you will—navy, indigo, midnight—but this inky shade of blue is showing up on a slew of shirts these days. From Jack Spade's hearty cotton work shirt and Hamilton's lightweight linen interpretation to various oxford styles from the likes of J.Crew, Gant Rugger and Club Monaco. Garment dyed and richly hued, the shirts pair perfectly with white or worn-out denim and they give run of the mill chinos or office-appropriate grey trousers a dose of slick, laid-back cool.




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