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Weather-Proof Layers

Dressing for transitional weather is a tricky endeavor. Especially during the tumultuous time between winter and spring, when the weather throws you curve balls like icy temps and wind one day and upper 50s and rain the next. During this time, you're better off wearing two or three thinner layers that toe the line between sporty and refined. Pieces that are flexible, breathable and resistant to chilly temps and damp days. Herewith, some tried-and-true layers, in degrees of insulation from light to extreme.


If most of your day is spent inside, and you're limiting your exposure, a wool cardigan will block the chill without having you overheat inside. Look for one that's still trim enough to slip under a jacket for an extra layer of warmth.

Gant Rugger, $185


Under a jacket. Over a blazer or sweater. With a shirt and tie. No layer is more easy or versatile than a quilted vest. They add texture and warmth without compromising any comfort. Look for one in a bold color to brighten things up without going overboard.

Club Monaco, $170

Denim jacket

When you want to layer up without looking like you're dressing for the weather, a waxed cotton or lightweight denim jacket makes for an insulating middle layer. This one from Filson combines the two.

Levi's for Filson, $228


A technical coat (the kind you'd wear in the mountains) won't look out of place on cold, wet days in the city and looks even sharper when layered over a suit or with a pair of jeans and your standard shirt/tie/blazer.

The North Face, $500












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