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The butler, $165
by Micklish

A Man's Home

Got Wood?

Strike a balance between ruggedly masculine and stylishly polished by stocking your place with some real wood pieces. The earthy quality of the natural material's grain adds interest and texture to your home—elevating the look from a simple man cave to an aesthetically-considered room. What's more, any piece constructed from genuine wood will inherently have added structural and functional integrity. The real question is whether your style is more midcentury-inspired polished blonde stain or more rustic raw edges and reclaimed timber.


Reclaimed shelf, $58 at West Elm


Shanty lamp, $40 by Paul Loebach


Cutting board, $25 by Architec


Wood burl slab coffee table, $495 at Etsy


Kennedy chair, $899 by Thrive

Teak stump
table, $170 at
World Market

    Clean, condition and protect your wooden pieces with this non-toxic almond-scented polish made from natural,
    plant-based ingredients. Spray it on a clean cloth (not the wood) and then wipe down. $4, by Method



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