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Behind the Seams

Todd Snyder

In just a few seasons, Todd Snyder has established himself as a designer for men who want clothes that are modern and relevant, but also comfortable. So it's fitting that his recently refreshed website is launching a blog today, Snyder NY, helmed by our friend Branden "Skip" Brooks—the man behind Alex Grant. "Basically, I'm a fan of menswear," says Brooks. "And I want to give a behind the scenes look at the industry." The online journal will document everything from the design process to fashion shows, as well as provide insider tips about things like personal style and traveling. On the eve of his Fall 2013 show in New York, we hit up Snyder for his thoughts on the web and transparency.

    Snyder got his start in fashion by working as a tailor's apprentice.
On the importance of having a web presence ...

"It's very important. Technology is everything these days. I'm plugged into it all, from Instagram and Pinterest to Twitter and Facebook. Blogs and websites are today's magazines. It's about instant gratification."

What he uses social media for ...

"The internet is part of my research process and social media is the easiest way to connect with my customers and press. Plus, it's great to follow your friends and see what they see, through their eyes."

Why he's pulling back the proverbial curtain ...

"I want them to know how much work goes into it. I love going to factories and seeing how things are made—it makes me appreciate the workmanship that goes into making a shirt or a suit. And I'm hoping my audience gets as excited by the process that goes into making clothing and presenting it."

Snyder NY goes live today.




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