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The Perfect Popover

The popover has been gaining ground over the past few years with the style set but the shirt, by design, can be tricky to pull off. Like your everyday button-down with half the buttons, the shirt can sometimes feel a bit like a smock or pajamas when the fit is off. Like when the body's too loose or the shirttails are too long (as we found recently on a rather expensive European brand that shall remain nameless). That's why we're happy to report that Frank Muytjens and the men's team at J.Crew have perfected the design with the brand's current popovers that have just hit stores. Available in ten varieties of fabrics and patterns, some of the shirts have been adapted for cooler weather while others are lighter and washed for ultimate comfort. The fit is comfortable yet close to the body and features a straight-cut, side-notched shirttail hem. They certainly make easy work out of layering—start with a T-shirt base layer, then add a henley and top with the popover. Toeing the line between classy and casual, some styles can even be promoted and worn with a jacket to separate you from those office drones all wearing the same shirts and pants.

From $70 at J.Crew

    Unless you're dressing it up under a jacket, don't worry about tucking in your popover.











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