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Naturally frizzy hair? Keep your style tidy. Ask your barber to take in the sides, keeping the hair on the top "loosely textured" and request that the back be "de-bulked." He'll know what you mean.

Combatting Dry Hair

The unpredictably harsh conditions of the winter months can suck the moisture right out of your hair. The results of which are often itchy, flaky and frizzy. But with the right shampoo and styling product you can fortify your locks for smoother and stronger hair.

In the Shower

$19, by Jack Black

You've heard it before, shampooing too often leads to puffy, unmanageable hair. "You want to retain the natural oils," says Hollywood hair stylist Chris McMillan. "Just rinse your hair in the shower and then a few times a week—say, every 3 days—give it a wash." Look for a shampoo free of "sodium lauryl sulphate," which can irritate your scalp and is all-too-common in the bottles you find in drugstores. Jack Black's True Volume Thickening Shampoo is an advanced wash that not only moisturizes and fights flakes but increases the thickness of each strand for a fuller head of hair. Massage a quarter-sized amount in a circular motion for a few minutes to loosen any dead skin and let the ingredients do their thing. Finish by rinsing with cool water.

At the Sink

$20, by Malin + Goetz

Apply an alcohol-free styling product like the Sage Styling Cream by natural apothecary brand Malin + Goetz. Concocted with botanical sage and absorbent fatty acids for shine, definition and texture, it's a conditioning cream that leaves hair silky but not sticky. Your 'do looks done without any stiffness or flaking and the residue-free formula won't irritate your scalp. To apply, towel dry hair and work a dime-sized dollop between your hands to emulsify the product before running it through hair. The hold varies depending on hair dampness and quantity of product used.




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