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Tumblers, $35 for six at Design Within Reach

Tambien barware, from $3.50 at CB2

Upgrade Your Glasses

A guy's place doesn't require a lot of fancy dishes. But the pieces you use everyday—like glasses, for instance—should be special and reflect your taste. So if you're still using the generic or mismatched set from your youth, you're likely due for an upgrade. But you don't need to spend a lot. Simply find some that complements your aesthetic and can take a little abuse. The simple tumblers from DWR are lightweight but strong, and elegant enough to serve as de facto wine glasses. The organic shape of the Italian Sorgente glasses fits perfectly in your hand, while the smokey hue of the hand-blown Tambien glasses gives them an urbane, James Bond vibe.

Sorgente glasses, from $2.95 at Sur La Table