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Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, on Netflix's addictive hit House of Cards, is a bad, bad man. And while he's clearly underhanded, cynical and manipulative, the modern-day Machiavelli is one hell of a dresser. Of course, this being Washington, there's not a lot of flash. Underwood dresses simply (almost somberly), but he kills it when it comes to the fit and finessing touches. Of course, that's where the real effort lies. According to costume designer Tom Broecker, each one of the actor's shirts takes eight hours to fit him perfectly, including changing the collar, altering the fit of the sleeves and perfecting the cuff length. Sporting almost an exclusively blue and grey wardrobe, Spacey wanted to pay homage to the original British version of the show by suiting up in streamlined jackets and pants tailored for him on Saville Row. Which is one lesson you can take from Frank without getting into trouble—get the fit right and you don't really have to worry about the rest.


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