{03.12.12} Trends

Spring Shoe Week
Consider these fresh takes on foolproof warm weather footwear a spring awakening.
Day 1

Bright Soles

Day 2

Oxblood Oxford

Day 3

Classic & Canvas

Day 4

Made in Maine

Day 5

Monk Straps

Walk Over, $249

Sole Man

Come spring, we're always looking to add a little more color to our wardrobes. But what about footwear? This season, a slew of brands are finishing shoes with brightly hued soles. You'll see it in all sorts of styles, from Top-Siders and moccasins to chukkas, but the most prevalent (and interesting) are the simple lace-ups. In neutral shades of suede, the bright soles instantly add some interest to your day-to-day kit. The overall look is classic, but with a touch of technicolor sneakerhead swagger.

Cole Haan, $178

Ted Baker, $240

1901, $99




Shoe Week:
Bright Soles








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