{03.14.13} Skin Care

Growing-In Phase

The transition between stubble and a beard can be awkward and itchy. The gents from The Motley suggest a fine-grained face scrub like Raw Materials Skin Grit to get rid of dead skin and raise hair follicles to stimulate growth and prevent ingrown hairs. Plus, it drastically cuts down on irritation and itchiness.

Skin Grit, $25 by Raw Materials

Who's Doing it Right
"Properly trimming a beard is an art," says Gilman. "Too tight and you can look scary, too long and you can look scarier." Who's doing it right? Guys like Gosling, Hamm, Cooper and Theroux.

Unless you're going for an unkempt hippie look, you need to set some beard boundaries. You don't want the lines too tight and severe, but letting whiskers sprout too long looks sloppy. For the neck area, keep your beard trimmed to an inch or so below the actual jaw line and then clean up your cheeks, tracing the natural beard line to your sideburns. Regulate the density with an electric trimmer and a weekly conditioning will keep the hair soft and manageable.

The Tools

The Grooming Lounge has put together the ultimate kit for maintaining your whiskers and the best part is that you can customize it to your personal facial hair requirements.

From $38, at the Grooming Lounge

60-Second Guide

The Modern Beard

It's fair to say that beards are back in a big way. "Sales of beard maintenance tools have tripled and requests for beard trims in our stores have gone up nearly 40% in the last six months," says Grooming Lounge founder Mike Gilman. "Many of the men reference the celebrity beards they admire." Herewith, everything you need to know.












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