{03.16.11} Skin Care


$11, at L'Occitane

Step Up
to the Bar

Face it: there's nothing manly about using an object called a "loofah" or a "pouf." That's why I'm a strong advocate of bar soaps. They're efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly (no empty bottle when you're done). Want to go even greener—both in your wallet and your carbon footprint? Try buying soap by the block. A 17 oz. block of L'Occitane's Marseille Soap will only set you back about 11 bucks. It smells fresh without being floral or super strong, and pulls double duty by fighting minor stains on clothing like ring around the collar. As far as breaking off a piece goes, the rule of thumb is to have about an inch of thickness. I've found a cutting board and a kitchen knife will suffice, but if you prefer clean lines and accurate measurements, there's a couple of ways to make your own.

- Jian DeLeon