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    Other linen options this spring:

Todd Snyder, $325


Brooks Brothers, $298


Ami, $295

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Enlightened Sweaters

Over the past few years Club Monaco has established itself as a modern haberdashery of sorts—offering the kind of hearty, well-designed staples that today's guy wants to wear. All at prices that are fairly attainable, considering the build-quality and provenance of the pieces. Take, for example, their new line of linen sweaters. They're expertly crafted from luxe Italian yarn into a crew neck and two cardigan styles which offer a comfortable, relaxed fit. A study in simple neutrality and casual elegance, they come in shades of blue, browns and grey, and are breathable enough to wear even on the warmest of spring days ahead. They're the kind of pieces that feel so good, you find yourself wearing them in all sorts of situations and slowly making them your own. Which is all we can ask for from our clothes, isn't it?












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