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Spring Essential

The Shirt Jacket

You see it every year. The winter chill finally inches above 40 degrees and suddenly guys are out and about in nothing but T-shirts. Not only do these men look silly, but they're likely uncomfortable as well. Because while no one wants to throw on that heavy coat you've been lugging around for the past few months, the temperature is still not permitting most of the spring goods hitting shelves at the moment. Fortuitously, there's a slew of handsome middleweight shirt jackets that will protect you from chilly breezes but let you breathe when the sun's shining. Layer as needed as the fit on most of these is roomy enough to sandwich between your shirt and a coat on cold days, but tailored enough to sport by itself over a T-shirt or with a shirt and tie as a rugged blazer replacement. Trust us, you'll get more use from this ideal layering piece than you'd expect.

The top 10 warmest years on record going back to 1880 have all occurred since 1998.

(Source: NASA)

Apolis, $248

Outclass, $240

Club Monaco, $130












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