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Upgrading your cocktail game is one thing. But stepping up your bartending game? That requires stocking the right bottles at home. Which means you need a place to put them. And, in case you were wondering, on top of the fridge is not a viable place for a grown man to store his booze. Herewith some smarter options for your spirits storage.

Shown left: The Libations bar cart along with cocktail accessories, available at Crate & Barrel.

The Tray

When you don't have a lot of space, a decent-sized tray will be able to hold a handful of your go-to bottles, along with a few glasses or a cocktail shaker filled with your tools. There are the classic styles, or you can opt for a vintage beer tray or an industrial riveted metal version.

The Cart

A legendary addition to any bachelor pad (or even a den of domestic bliss). An old school bar cart tucked into the corner of a room not only keeps all of your booze, tools and glasses organized, but it adds a dash of rakish charm to the interior design of your place.

Your Bar Tool Kit

Stock your bar with the proper equipment. Here are the tools every man needs to have on hand,
as prescribed by expert mixologist Mittie Hellmich, author of "The Ultimate Bar Book."




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