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A Slick Shave

No matter your choice of razor (or how many blades your work with), if you want a smoother shave, your best bet is to switch up your shave cream. While most foams lining store shelves have the same basic ingredients, it's the little details that set a great cream apart from the pack. For us, the defining quality is slickness. A slippery cream, you see, reduces surface tension and makes for fast and easy passes of the blade. So after a few weeks of testing the latest shave creams on the market, we're presenting our three current favorites. They're not only slick, but crafted with healing ingredients to reduce irritation and protect your skin.



Made from a creamy blend of skin-nourishing coconut oil and cooling mint and eucalyptus extract, this lightweight cream leaves you with a refreshed feeling and smelling like an old school barbershop.

$8, at Harry's


Port Products

Paraben-free and fragrance-free, this simple shave formula is ideal for sensitive skin and the soothing aloe vera will prevent irritation and redness. Plus, the pump is a convenient time-saver.

$25, at The Motley


Dove Men+Care

This rich, creamy lather really sticks to the skin, meaning every stroke of the razor is incredibly smooth. Your face is left feeling moisturized afterwards but the fragrance (while nice) is a bit potent.

$22, at Target

    Water Temperature: Use warm (not hot) water to shave with and then finish with a splash or two of cold water to close pores.



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