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Stainless steel
, $22

Maritime soap, $9

Shoe brush, $25

Candle, $35

Months toothbrush set, $12.50

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Originally founded in 2007, Izola began as a small company that produced shower curtains for big box stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. But after a few years, the brand's founder Neil Rasmus began thinking outside the big box, so to speak, partnered with a slick New York showroom and they began designing and manufacturing handsome and utilitarian products for your home with a throwback appeal. The line is separated into five retro themes, from the appropriately named Apothecary to dude-friendly collections like Maritime and Scout. There are clever bon mots engraved on toothbrushes and flasks, but the products aren't simply imbibed with the idiosyncratic looks of yesteryear—they're crafted with the kind of care and quality of simpler times. That means tripled-milled soaps that are both moisturizing and long-lasting, boar bristle shoe brushes and gentlemanly candles that burn for 40 hours and are housed in rustic, recycled colored glass. These are just a few of our favorites from their old world offerings.








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