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Spring Surplus

This is the time of year when the temperature can fluctuate 20 degrees on any given day. When rain, wind or sleet can show up at a moment's notice. So having a lightweight, but sturdy jacket on hand is a good idea. Thankfully, there are a ton of military surplus influenced field jackets on the market these days. The perfect blend of utilitarian cover, rugged masculinity and urbane cool, these jackets—constructed in everything from breathable cotton and waxed linen to water-resistant nylon, are both handsome and effortless. Not to mention, the iconic silhouette works on nearly every body type. So fall in line, and find one that works for you.

RRL, $425


Gant Rugger, $280

Club Monaco, $249

    The RRL jacket is based off a modified design from a US paratrooper's jacket that was standard issue in the 1940s.