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Personalized handkerchiefs, $18

Globe, $28

Tie bar, $10

Watch, $30

Alarm clock, $32

A Buyer's

Etsy's nothing new. In fact, since its inception just three years ago, it's quickly put the 'networking' in social network for the crafty kids and flea market types. But it wasn't until we were looking for a vintage tie clip and kept coming up empty-handed that we thought about actually using it. Turns out, the site is also home to savvy vintage shops that regularly post their one-of-a-kind goods (and on the cheap). The days of fruitless hunting or paying an obscene mark up are over. Here's a roundup of today's finds for you to enjoy, all from the comfort of your desk.

  • Pieces go quick on Etsy, but just like eBay, there's always another person selling. Unlike eBay, the prices remain reasonable. If these are gone by the time you read this, simply search for another globe or tie clip.