{04.02.12} Trends

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Spring's in full swing, which means it's the perfect time to break out the white jeans. Of course, some guys simply aren't sure about wearing white pants. And if you do pull the trigger, you're faced with another challenge—do you try to keep them spotless (and never sit down on a bench or bar stool) or do you let them get a bit dingy?D.I.Y.
Already got a pair of white denim? Give them a sandy stain by soaking them in a bucket of water and adding ¼ cup of coffee or tea and then washing them as usual.
We're all for actually living in your clothes, which is why we're appreciating this season's trend of off-white denim. Pair them with anything you'd wear with your regular jeans or khakis. They're not blindingly white, so they've got a more easygoing worn-in vibe. Which is exactly the attitude we should have as the days get longer and warmer.