{04.09.09} Products

A Leg Up

"I bike everywhere and got so fed up of wrinkling and ripping my pants, or getting my jeans dirty," say Stefan Ilkovics, debunking all the standard tricks of the fixed-gear trade. "Clips keep your pants from getting caught, but not dirty. Rolling up your leg is an option, but you have half a leg wrinkled when you show up. And tucking them into your pants, well, that's an aesthetic cost I'm not willing to pay." So Ilkovics, a Paris-based creative director who's worked on campaigns for YSL, Cartier and Nike, sketched out a simple wrap-around velcro cuff made of denim. Then he took it over to the APC studio—he's pals with Jean Touitou— and had one made. After friends started asking for some, he realized he had something here and they've just released the cuffs in three colors—white, black and raw denim.

$16 each, at Extra Leg