{04.11.14} Trends


Go to Bat

America's pastime is having a moment no matter how you approach it. With Opening Day just a couple weeks behind us, and baseball jackets becoming a contemporary spring staple, it's no surprise that the sport's jerseys are moving from the outfield to the streets. Naturally, the idea of wearing a baseball jersey prompts images of 40-something men with immense beer bellies struggling to handle a bratwurst and a baseball glove at your local ballpark. The streetwear set however, has co-signed the shirt for a cooler (and less ill-fitting) rendition. Like its on-field originator, the renovated baseball jersey has a slight V-neck and a simple placket of large buttons running down the center. Something to note: the piece should fit your body like a relaxed T-shirt, not a button up that's two sizes too big. The right look will have the shirt fitting more like Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez, and less like David Wells.

- Gregory Babcock

Your Neighbors, $49

    The first official team baseball jersey was worn by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club in 1849.