{04.23.12} Trends

Go Bold ... at the Waist

Caputo & Co., $125

Urban Outfitters, $34

Lands' End Canvas, $40

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I usually stick to a uniform of simple staples in shades of blue or grey. I'll admit, you don't see a lot of bold hues in my wardrobe and it's become something of a running joke at the office among the more colorful gents. But in the style world, there's definitely an explosion of prints lately and these belts are the perfect way to incorporate a subtle touch of it without going overboard. In ethnic prints and intricate patterns, they add a shot of adrenaline to any pant that you wear them with—from trousers and denim to chinos and shorts. They also make it look like you've been somewhere exotic, even if you've been stuck behind a computer all spring.

- Cory Ohlendorf

Will Leather Goods, $165

Brooks Brothers, $68

Sid Mashburn, $50

    Check eBay and Etsy for similar styles. One man's "old souvenir" is another man's "vintage belt."