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A cell phone pic of Hasegawa in the design studio.

Elegantly designed, technically superior and hard to find, it's no wonder Japan's Porter has a cult following. We caught up with Tokyo-based creative director M. Susumu Hasegawa, a long-time Porter man who has collaborated with such brands as Comme des Garcons before taking the helm when the company's founder, Yoshida Katsuyuki, stepped down.


What's the brand's philosophy?

We're focused on the pursuit of functionality and durability. So we're constantly looking for new materials and new technologies to challenge and achieve this ideal.


Where do you find inspiration?

I'm inspired by vintage pieces, heavy duty cases like camera or tool bags, postman sacks. And then people watching when traveling—those personal experiences that have nothing to do with bags.


What's your style mantra this spring?

The law every guy should abide by this spring (and every spring), no matter their personal style is this—comfort and lightness trump all.




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