Oxford shirt, $140
Twill shorts, $64
Bucks, $160

The Launch


Even though Shawn Stussy resigned from his namesake brand in 1996, his recognizable signature remains a streetwear staple, continuing to adorn graphic tees and skateboard decks. Fourteen years later, Stussy (the man) is back with a simpler, more grown-up collection. S/Double began in 2008 as a few sketches in Shawn's garage, and soon evolved into an experimental line of "thoughtful workwear" with a recently-opened online shop. While T-shirts and hoodies are still present, there are also military-styled windbreakers, trim oxford button-down shirts and twill trousers with details like a D-ring and a stealth pocket for your phone. Other pleasant surprises include the Vibram-soled footwear—ranging from the cop-inspired "Service Shoe" to a timely pair of white bucks.  It's the perfect look for a lifelong surfer who wants his wardrobe to grow up a little but is still leery of labels. - Jian DeLeon

  • Stussy's signature typeface is just that: Shawn's normal handwriting.