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The Bucket Hat

This summer might be the season when you finally take some of the classic sartorial gambles on board. Sweatpants? Easy. Birkenstocks? Done. How about a bucket hat? Yeah you heard us right. Now, before your mind races back to reruns of Gilligan's Island, take a step back. The bucket hat began as a shield from the most perilous of sea storms, as Irish fishermen needed a functional facial rain guard. With modern-day interpretations that extend beyond the Irish coast and onto the heads of '90s rap icons (and even a few stylish influencers), it's no surprise that a bucket hat may be the summertime risk that even the meekest among us can embrace. Functionally, it's as simple as a hat you can stash away into your back pocket for rain or shine. But with multiple fabrics available in the floppy-brimmed style, it can be more versatile than it seems at first glance. Bucket hats may have a place in your granddad's tackle box, but that doesn't mean it can't have a place in your day-to-day rotation as well.

- Gregory Babcock



Neighborhood, $100


Stampd, $110


Vans, $34


Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, $97


Norse Projects, $84


Patagonia, $39

    A bucket by any other name: In Australia, this hat is referred to as a "giggle hat." In South Africa, it's called an "ispoti," while in the UK it's occasionally known as a "Reni Hat."



The Bucket








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