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By day, Peter Nguyen is a design assistant for menswear designer Robert Geller. By night, he's developing his own label and has been gearing up for the launch of his just-opened online shop Alwaysnever. "Essentially, I wanted a store I would shop at," says Nguyen. "I'm blessed with an amazing, creative circle of friends and I figured it would be a great way to share our work." The e-store is taking an anthropological approach to selling on the web. The focus is not just the products but the people who make them. "It's always something missing from online stores," he says. "That's why I include interviews, blog updates and photo-document the designers and their workspaces."  The site launched with a range by Geller, along with a hand picked selection of publications and will soon be carrying a line of housewares designed by Nguyen, everything from notebooks and napkins to bedding. This fall, there will be collaborations for both men and women. One item that Nguyen will always stock? "Leather jackets ... they're a slight obsession for me."

  • To help with one of the biggest gripes of buying online, the shop offers free return shipping should something not fit.

A selection of the pieces available on Alwaysnever.




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