{05.06.11} Trends


Tie One On

Burkman Bros, $30 for 3 (or $10 each at Singer22)

When the weather starts getting hot and you can't be bothered to layer up like you would during most other months, there is one accessory that adds some texture and color without adding any bulk or warmth. Look at the wrist of any stylish guy these days and you're likely to see one—a bracelet. Or make that two or three or four. "We think they look best when you mix and match," says Ben Burkman, one half of the Burkman Bros. label, which includes a braided friendship style bracelet with each garment they sell. They're so popular, the brand recently started selling them on their own. If you saw pictures of Kanye at Coachella, you likely noticed the stack of their signature bracelets paired with a few gold bands by Cartier. "Another great way to mix and match," says Burkman. "The arm is a genius place to express your own personal style."




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