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Shoe Week

We've already discussed classics like Top-Siders and white bucks. This week, we're presenting the season's best shoes, all for under $100.

  • After hearing the Algonquians use a similar word for "shoe," explorer John Smith coined the term "moccasin" in 1612.

Pop Moc

When it comes to gentlemanly off-duty style, there are few options that can top a driving moccasin. Sure, you could go with a less refined, Quoddy moc style, but there's something about sporting a proper old-school version in a go-to-hell color that captures the idea of summer sprezzatura perfectly. Of course, they can come in a number of colors like red or green, but we prefer this rich navy suede. It adds just enough pop without looking too considered. Don't own an Aston Martin? No worries. At this price, you can still have the fancy footwork, while saving for your dream car. Garda driving moccasin, $79.95 by 1901

The Classic

Terry driving loafer,
$89 by Ralph Lauren




Shoe Week:
Pop Mocs

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