{05.15.12} Gear

Ditty bag,
$118 by Best Made Co.

Percolator pot,
$30 by Camp Wandawega

Utility canvas blanket,
$145 by Archival Clothing


Cherokee moccasin kit,
$37 by Camp Wandawega

Wood pocket knife,
$24 by the Boy Scouts


Great Outdoors

Next week, Wes Anderson's new film, Moonrise Kingdom, hits theaters. And the stylish story, focused around a group of "Khaki Scouts" in the late 1960s, couldn't drop at a better time. There's a slew of throwback outdoor gear on the market these days. From rugged items by Best Made and Archival Clothing to the vintage-inspired pieces from the new Camp Wandawega souvenir shop. So whether your idea of the outdoors is roughing it in a tent or simply setting up a backyard barbecue, these durable pieces will ensure you're prepared for any summer adventure.

    Want to stay at Camp Wandawega? Founded in 1925, the Wisconsin camp is now owned by a couple that works in advertising—which is why the place looks so cool. From $200 a night at Airbnb.



The Great








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