{05.16.12} Skin Care

An SPF Primer

The key to not getting burned this summer? Use protection. You know the drill: slather on a shot glass's worth of sunscreen before you head out and yes, you will need to reapply every two hours or so. We know it's a drag. There's nothing cool about asking your buddy to get your back for the third time in a day. But there's nothing cool about red, raw, peeling shoulders either. So we've gathered up the most common excuses to help you find the right sunblock.

    Missed a Spot: The back of the knees, lips and behind the ears are often neglected.
Sensitive Skin?

Oil and fragrance free, this long lasting SPF 50 soothes skin with Vitamin E.

Kiehl's, $34

Too Greasy?

This fast-absorbing French SPF 45 is a light liquid that dries into a matte finish.

La Roche-Posay, $29

Mayo Clinic)


In the last three decades, skin cancer rates have risen fourfold among young men aged 18 to 39.

Still Want a Tan?

With an SPF of only 8, this mild protector allows you to develop color naturally.

Coppertone, $9

Always Forget?

Be prepared. Stash these handy SPF 30 wipes in your glovebox, wallet or bag.

Dr. Dennis Gross, $18












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