{05.17.11} Products


White Jeans

... For Guys Afraid of White Jeans

White jeans can be tricky. Some guys simply aren't sure about wearing white pants. And if you do pull the trigger, you're faced with another challenge—do you attempt to keep them pristine (and never sit down on a park bench or bar stool) or do you let them get a bit dingy? We're always in the camp of actually living in your clothes, so we say let 'em age naturally—like a pair of Converse Chucks. J.Crew's new slim fit 484 jeans are crafted from what they're calling "wheat selvedge," or quality cotton denim that's dyed just a shade darker than off-white. Not blindingly white, they've got an easygoing this-old-thing vibe. And isn't that the attitude we all should have this time of year?

$150 at J.Crew and Mr. Porter