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Rugby, $32

Tod's, $95 at Barneys


Chances are, your wallet doesn't have as much cash as it used to. Whether you're a little short these days or just prefer using plastic, you might benefit from swapping your billfold for a slim card carrier. You don't need the "buy 10, get one free" card for some burrito joint you don't go to any more. And the old student ID? Not necessary. Ditch the torn receipts and slip in the five or six cards you need on a day to day basis. There's even room for a crisply folded emergency twenty-dollar bill. And don't worry. These will eventually wear a subtle fade into your back pocket just like that Costanza wallet did.

  • The average American carries four credit cards in their wallet.
  • (Source: MSN Money)

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $58

J.Fold, $35