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The Perfect Summer Bag

Palmer West and Jonah Smith, the outdoor outfitters from the Los Angeles-based label Aether, have a knack for innovation. They outline the problems with typical performance gear and then, as if checking off a list, systematically improve them. Their utility tote is the latest example of their thorough research and development. Created to be the perfect summer carry-all, it's crafted from nearly indestructible waxed twill canvas. The bottom of the bag is a patented mesh, which allows sand, dirt and other debris to collect in a bottom compartment that empties through a magnetic side flap. It also serves as storage for wet swimsuits. The interior zippered media pocket (to keep your phone scratch-free and out of the sun) can be flipped to the outside of the bag for easy access. It doesn't have a personal air conditioner built-in, but anyone carrying this thoughtfully-engineered bag, whether on the beach or in the city, would feel cool.

by Aether


If you don't quite have the scratch for the Aether utility tote, consider these more affordable bags with similar attributes.

Waterproof Interior

L.L. Bean,

Rugged Twill Canvas

Ernest Alexander,

Interior Pockets & Web Straps













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