{05.26.11} Trends


Think Pink

There's something cool about a man in a pale pink shirt. First, there's the confidence factor. You've got to be pretty sure of yourself to pull off pink. And then there's the fact that the color actually makes you look tanner—a nice assist this time of year. And while the color's always had a certain prep pedigree, it seems to be enjoying something of a comeback lately, as guys become more willing to step up to bolder colors. Add to the rosy color's aristocratic aura with a spread collar number by the Southern gents at Ledbury, paired with navy or chocolate brown tie. But you don't have to be so fancy either. Roll the short sleeves of an oxford, leave it untucked and wear it with your go-to white jeans and you're set for a balmy evening out.

Ledbury, $125

  • When Homer Simpson wore a pink shirt to work, he was mistaken for a "free thinking anarchist."











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