{05.28.14} Skin Care


Don't Get Burned

You know the drill by now: slather on some sunscreen 15 minutes before you head out and yes, you will likely need to reapply every two hours or so. We know it can be a drag, but the only way to prevent red, raw, peeling skin? Use protection. Look for "broad spectrum" lotions: They block both UVA rays—the type that cause wrinkles and skin cancer—as well as UVB, which cause sunburns (and can also cause cancer). And avoid those spray-on sunscreens. Yes, they keep your hands lotion-free, but dermatologists say they scatter too wide and most of it evaporates before absorbing into the skin.

Everyday Lotion

Malin+Goetz's newest face moisturizer packs a broad spectrum SPF 30, which means while it protects you from sun damage, it also balances and repairs skin. Hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, A and C make it ideal as an aftershave lotion too.

$36 by Malin + Goetz

Sport Stick

This lightweight stick smoothes on easily, forming a breathable, water-resistant barrier against UVA and UVB rays. And while most stick sunblocks feel soapy or waxy, this one leaves you with a non-sticky finish and clean hands.

$10 by Neutrogena

Sensitive Skin

If you skip sunscreen because it always causes breakouts, look for an oil-free formula for sensitive skin. This dermatologist-recommended cream is thick, but it stays on, even in water, which means less reapplying.

$13 by Vanicream

All-Around Guard

This citrus-scented, vitamin-enriched lotion boasts an SPF 45. It's oil-free and absorbs quickly without any greasy residue. It also has naturally soothing calendula and green tea extract to repair red, inflamed skin.

$10 by Jack Black

Your Cover

Don't neglect your blind spots (back of the knees, behind the ears and tops of feet) and make sure you're applying enough (a golfball-sized dollop for your whole body).




Don't Get








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