{06.01.11} Products


On the Mend

You probably don't own a sewing kit. Not that we can blame you. Making small clothing repairs or replacing a lost button often becomes one of those tasks that, while you know you can handle yourself, goes unfinished until your next trip to the tailors. After all, who wants to rove the craft aisles of a big box store assembling everything needed for a simple kit of basic tools? Thankfully, the folks at Blackbird's Field House have done the work for us, compiling all the quality instruments needed for a man's mending kit. A seam ripper, pins and needles, a tailor's tape measure, thread and a metal thread guide, spare buttons and a small pair of scissors are all housed in a handy pincushion-topped mason jar. The jar also serves as a handy repository for those little envelopes of spare buttons that you can never seem to find when one pops off your shirt or jacket.

$35, at Blackbird