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A Shorts Primer

It's getting hot outside and the right pair of shorts can take you from the beach to the bar and nearly everywhere in between. The key is finding the fit and style that works best for you. We asked designer Michael Bastian, a self-professed shorts lover who's included a pair in nearly every one of his collections, for his advice:

The trick with shorts, as with a lot of things in life, is 'know thyself.' Are your legs in good shape? Just how short are you comfortable with? Are you ready to be sexually objectified? OK, the last one's a joke, since most men would have no problem being sexually objectified for a change. But the other two are important to consider. Right now, shorter seems cooler than longer. The closer to the knee, the closer they feel to the golf course and your dad's closet. It's also a simple, low-commitment way to test drive pleats again. But the real way to make them modern is to try them with a nice button down shirt and even a summer blazer. Add a good pair of loafers or tennis shoes (no socks), throw on your sunglasses and let the objectification begin.
Three Timeless Styles

Long, lean and knee-skimming, they're cut like trousers. Some are even creased down the front. Best worn with loafers or sockless lace-ups.

Brooks Brothers, $85


A tad looser than the trouser cut, these are often crafted from washed cotton. Wear them with an untucked shirt and some sneakers or desert boots.

J.Crew, $98


This daring length (cut three to four inches above the knee), works best when you're in some proximity to water. Pair them with boat shoes or loafers.

Michael Bastian, $365 / $219

    DIY: Recycle a pair of old pants and make your own shorts by cutting them off to the perfect length and fraying the edges.











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