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Wool Blazer

When it comes to jackets, southern shopkeep Sid Mashburn's got a clear and considered point of view. "We only do full-canvas. We only do natural shoulder," he says of his private label jackets. "And we like 'em just a little bit lean and a tad short—it's just more energetic that way." His latest is a lightweight take on a classic navy blazer, crafted in Italy from English wool fresco. Wool might seem counterproductive for a warm weather piece, but the fresco wool is made from high twisted yarn in a simple weave which results in a breathable fabric that can be cooler than cotton on hot days. It's also a durable material that can take a beating—making this an ideal travel jacket for your summer vacations. Interested? You'd better act fast. Sizes are going quick, but we're told that they will be restocking the jacket soon. In the meantime, they offer a suit in the same cut and fabric.

$895, at Sid Mashburn

    The word fresco comes from the Italian word "affresco," which is derived from the Latin term for "fresh."











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