Read Wall in RCP's
Manchester gingham shirt, $79.50

(Photos by: Ryan Kibler)

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Clothing Project

After graduating from Colgate University, Read Wall traversed Africa with three incongruous aspirations: teaching, working at a Non-Governmental Organization and ... starting a clothing company. Wall had spent a few summers interning with preppy mainstay Vineyard Vines, where he learned the ins, outs, and all-over prints of the clothing industry. Seeking to reconcile his dream of starting a clothing company with his hope to do some good in the world, he began Read's Clothing Project this past fall. The brand's button-downs offer the quality fabrics, slim fit and higher armholes that modern guys want, but with the added benefit of donating 20% of the proceeds to benefit Tanzania's School of St. Jude, a school which "offers quality education in an area where finishing secondary school is extremely rare," says Wall. Recent additions to his line are three pocket tees, each made in the US with a pocket crafted from RCP's shirting fabric. The next collection is due later this summer and there may be accessories down the line, but the young CEO is staying focused on cementing the ethical legacy of his company. "We want to hit all the bases: to be cause-centric, domestically produced, fair trade and everything... that's kind of the movement of the company, to be an entirely responsible clothing company."

- Jian DeLeon

  • The madras shirt fabric has a little bit of bleed to it and fades nicely after a wash and some time in the sun.











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