{06.09.10} Trends




When Eunice Lee started her menswear label Unis nearly a decade ago, she was aiming to provide guys with simple, understated clothing with a modern fit. A noble goal, and one that the designer has clearly achieved as evidenced by the line's signature chinos. We've noticed a trend recently in trousers with tab fronts and no one does them better than Unis. "It's a classic detail usually reserved for dressier pants," says Lee. "And I wanted to design a chino that was slightly dressier, that you could wear in any situation." The tab-front elevates the pants beyond your average khakis. It also gives them a slight vintage vibe, while the trim fit and crisp twill make sure they feel very now. Of course, while they do come with belt loops, Lee assures us the tab can (and should) stand on its own.

$195 by Unis