{06.15.09} Products


Like Father, Like Son

With Father's Day approaching, we came to the realization that while it's easy to give Mom a nice bouquet or bottle of bubble bath, sometimes shopping for the old man can be tricky. He says he doesn't need anything, and really, you believe him. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't enjoy the same masculine indulgences that you'd like to get yourself. Be it a steel bottle opener that pops caps without bending (allowing them to be replaced), the perfect weekend sweatshirt or an old school leather bag to hold tools (or some magazines and the remote).

1) Rösle bottle opener, $20; 2) Martin + Osa sweatshirt, $50; 3) Klein for DWR tool bag, $200; 4) Vintage Rolex, $1,100 and up; 5) Glenrothes single malt '91, $65


Number of countries that celebrate Father's Day, though on varied days throughout the year.